Ukulele Artists


Ukulele Artists

There are many Ukulele Artists worldwide today who amaze and inspire us all, and promote the ukulele as an entertaining and fun to learn musical instrument. On this page we present links to some of the more prominent Ukulele Celebrities in Canada and abroad. This is just a small representation of the hundreds of accomplished ukulele musicians that are helping to revitalize the popularity of the ukulele today.

Canadian Ukulele Artists


JamesH JC Doane PaulLuongo1 RalphShaw
James Hill  J. Chalmers Doane  Paul Luongo  Ralph Shaw 


GuidoHeistek ManitobaHal  AnnaLyman  Marcello 
 Guido Heistek "Manitoba Hal"   Anna Acevedo Lyman "UkesterMoe" 


International Ukulele Artists


Jake-Shimabukuro Herb OhtaJr Aldrine  DanielHo
 Jake Shimabukuro  Herb Ohta Jr. Aldrine Guerrero   Daniel Ho


Kimo BrittniP  Taimane StuartFuchs 
Kimo Hussey   Brittni Paiva  Taimane Gardner Stuart Fuchs