Little Ukers Program


Imagine a program designed specifically for primary-aged students! The "Little Ukers" program offers children ages 5 through 8 the opportunity to try the ukulele in a fun and energetic setting. Whether in a classroom setting or a private group setting, students are introduced to basic ukulele skills, music reading, and singing with an emphasis on fun!

Little Ukers

Under the leadership of "Island Ukuleles" graduates and certified teachers, the young students work in both a large performance group and small work groups. The "Little Ukers" program is offered in two nine-week terms from October through December and January through March. To help maintain a very small teacher:student ratio and maximizes the potential for individual success, the class is limited to 20 kindergarten/grade 1 students and 16 grade 2/3 students.
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Most classes are fun experiences for the students, incorporating much game playing and music activities which support the music programs offered in the schools - and learning to play the ukulele while doing so.

Little Ukers method books are available exclusively from Empire Music in both D6 and C6 tuning choices.
Program founder, Melissa McKnight, has been involved in ukulele programs since she was eight years old. With her father, Vince Sequeira as mentor teacher, she developed a keen interest in the ukulele. Melissa was schooled on the Doane Ukulele method and was also a member of her father’s ukulele ensemble, “Pacifica Ukes”, where she learned to play the ukulele with proficiency.

Melissa graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Music degree and is currently a co-director with Tina Horwood in the “Island Ukuleles” organization. She also teaches secondary school choir, vocal jazz, and orchestral strings in the Greater Victoria School District.

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The Two-Level series is aimed at introducing the basis of music literacy through the ukulele.